Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb 15, 2015

Hello family! :)

This week was a little more boring than others, we've been working most of the time with our 2 baptism dates, Kyliegh and Jade. They're both doing really well and they're baptism dates are coming up! They're both really excited. :) 

This week we had district meeting in Wanagnui and President and Sister Hudson came to teach our lesson. They taught us a lot about the first visit that we will have with people and how important this visit has to be, and what stuff we should talk about with these people. What was really cool about that was right after our district meeting, Sister Shaw and I met with a girl for the first time that we've been trying to meet for a really long time, and we applied all the stuff we had learned in district meeting and our visit went GREAT! :) Her name is Steph and she's 18 and she's never  been religious or anything but recently she's wanted to know more about Christ, So we talked with her about what we do as missionaries and asked if she was interested and she asked us to come back this week! :) 

On Wednesday and Thursday, not a single person let us in to their homes. Everyone was either out or was too busy so they wouldn't let us in. So those days were really slow but that's ok, Sister Shaw and I have been having it pretty good lately so these days are bound to happen eventually. 

On Saturday we went back to Wanganui to help out with a baptism. The girl that was getting baptized is one of the Wanganui's sisters investigators, and she recently had a stroke and she can't do much on her own now. It was really touching to watch her be baptized because they had to be really careful dunking her in the water, and it was really sweet to be able to see that. 

Other than that not much happened this week! But it was a good week! :) Hope you all have a great week! Love you!

A cute photo shoot with the Sister Missionaires

So this is the Mataki Family and they are SO amazing. They're whole family got baptized in November and they're so strong in the gospel. We saw all the kids walking home from school and it was a hot day, so we told them to meet us at McDonald's and then we bought them all frozen fantas.  

Brittany loved the Boston shirt!

A sweet member named Alicia took these amazing shots of Brittany with her companion Sister Shaw! How lucky for us that she was willing to do these! 

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