Monday, February 2, 2015

February 1, 2015

Hello again :)

So this week was pretty normal and a lot like the others, but on Friday I got to take my driving test with the senior couple in the area! They said I was one of the best American drivers they've ever driven with and I think it's mostly from my driving in Australia, but now I just have to wait for President Hudson to call me and give me the approval and then I can start driving!! And now that I have my licence they will probably start putting me with other sister missionary who can't drive, because there are a lot of sisters here that can't drive. So I'll be put with a lot of foreign sister missionaries so that will be fun!  Also something that is pretty funny is that Elder and Sister Morris ( the senior couple) served the first part of their missions in the Sydney South Mission, and guess where they served? In Orange!! We all talked about the Orange branch for a while and had some good laughs.

We met with Jade twice this week, once to help her with personal progress and the other to do a lesson. In the lesson with her we talked about possible baptism dates and she FREAKED out, she's so excited! She thought she would have to wait a couple years or something to be baptized and when we brought up the 28 of February she was so happy! So now we have 2 set baptism dates!

Also we dropped Paul this week, I talked about him forever ago, he got into some really really deep anti Mormon stuff and so we decided that he was too far gone for now, so on Thursday we had to drop him.

We also had another lesson with Annette, (the goat lady) and her goat was SO annoying. Satan was really in that goat or something because it was such a distracting to her during our lesson. It kept jumping all over the tables and on to all of ours laps. It was really frustrating but other than that Annette really enjoyed the lesson, because it was on the Plan of Salvation and she's lost so many people in her life. 

Oh also, they changed the rules and now you need to send ALL letters and packages to my flat address, which is 6C Bowen Street, Feilding, NZ 4702. Just try not to send me any letters or packages 1 week before transfers (which is every 6 weeks from this week) because I don't know if I'll be here after transfer week. Also if you've recently sent me a package or a letter and you sent it to the mission office address that's OK, they'll still give it to me, just from now on send it straight to me :) 
That's pretty much if for this week! It finally rained yesterday and today, which is good because it hasn't rained all month which is SUPER weird for New Zealand. Everything was dying and going yellow so hopefully it will be pretty and green again soon. We also get to watch Meet the Mormons this week at the chapel with some investigators and all the missionaries here are super jealous that I've already been able to watch it. Well that's it for now. I love you all so much! Thanks for everything! :) 

Sister Brittany Collins 

The girls out door knocking for days!

Doing personal progress with Jade

the girl on the top is Rhiannon (like the singer) and she's an investigator that's moving to Australia :( so we got a picture with her before she left this week


getting serenaded by Fijians

chicken enchiladas kiwi style

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