Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 26, 2015

Hello again everyone :) 

This week was so great! We had exchanges with the sisters in Palmerston, and I was there for about 3 days. Those sisters are also in a 3-some so I got to be in a 3-some for a little bit! I was with Sister Anderson (the Sister that I met up with at the airport) and Sister Gilmore, who is our Sister Training Leader and she's from Scotland. It was so much fun to be in a big(ish) city for a little bit! I had my first Hungi, which is a Maori BBQ where they cook the food deep in the ground, and it was soooo good. Other than that though it was a pretty normal week. 

But, Sister Anderson had lost her carry on bag about a month ago when we first arrived in our mission areas, and it wasn't until this Wednesday that they called and said that they had finally found it, but as we were on our way to pick it up, Sister Anderson realized that she had lost her we spent the rest of the day looking for her wallet because she was really stressed about it being gone, and we spent the rest of the next day also looking, but we still never found it. So that wasn't very fun.

I got back in Feilding on Thursday and we taught Latisha again, Latisha has a baptismal date but she lives in a really sketchy situation. We don't even teach her at her house because it's really scary. But on Thursday we went to pick her up at her house and to walk her to the chapel where we teach her, and she was crying, she told us that her boyfriend had just broken up with her and she was being kicked out of the house. We went on a walk with her and talked about it for a little bit, Sister Shaw and I are actually SUPER happy that they broke up because 1)they shouldn't be living together and 2) her boyfriend is a huge jerk. But we didn't have our lesson that day because she had to work.

On Saturday a ward member invited us over to teach their niece, her name is Jade and she's 15 and she's SO awesome! She's already doing Personal Progress and planning on going on the youth temple trip next week to see the temple, and she fasted yesterday to help her overcome her swearing habit. We get along with her really well too and she's so much fun so I'm super excited about teaching her. :) 

So, sadly, yesterday we stopped by Latisha's house to invite her to church, but she wasn't there. Her roommate was there, his name is Aaron, he's a really less active Maori who kind of has mental problems. Well, when she wasn't there, we went to church, and then about an hour later we realized that we had lost our phone.  After church we looked everywhere and couldn't find it. Then we remembered that Sister Shaw had it on her lap when we went to get Latisha, and it must of fallen off her lap and landed on the ground. But when we went back to her house it wasn't there anymore, and Aaron was gone too. Aaron is VERY known to find things and sell them for drug money, so basically our phone was stolen by our investigator's less active roommate, who sold it for drug money! Now we are phone less for now.

Well that's about it for this week! The transfer list came out today and Sister Shaw and I are both staying in Feilding. :) Thanks for all the emails and letters you guys send me! Have a good week! :)Sister Collins
Sister Collins while she was on her exchange in Palmerston

Sister Collins with the Bishops son

A lady Sister Collins teaches owns a goat that she keeps in her home! Britt says it jumps all over the furniture and pees everywhere! Yuck!

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