Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hey everyone! So I have FINALLY finished my time at the mtc! I leave tomorrow morning at 6am to the airport and then i am off the Wellington! I'm so excited to leave here because this place kind of feels like a prison. I've made tons of really good friends though, mostly sister Hiatt from washingotn, and Sister Gonzallez from Mexico, theyre my roommates and they're so funny. Sister Hiatt has a boyfriend that she misses allot and Sister Gonzalez missed her family that she was really close to, so i can releate to both of them really well!
We got to go to the Hamilton Temple on Thursday, and my comapion Sister Modranal had never been before becase they didn't have any temples near her in the Phillipeans, so I got to be her escourt in the temple! It was super fun, but it wasn't as much fun to go through the temple without mom around! ;)
So yeah not much has happened this week in the MTC, i spend about 8 hours each day in a classroom, but last sunday we were practicing singing for the fireside, and the MTC Presidents wife heard me singing and she said she liked my voice allot so she asked if I could sing a solo, which was INSANE because I have a horrible voice, but I did it anyway! Also yesterday I gave a talk in sacrament about faith, so yeah theyre are some downsides to being in an MTC where there are only 45 people haha.
I love you guys so much! THey don't let us send pictures here in the MTC, so i'll get more time to email you guys next week once I"m out in the field and I'll be able to send you guys pictures! I love you all so much, please know that I am very happy! I can feel all of your prayers all of the time and I'm so blessed to be in such a wonderful family. Please be happy and know that I will be home bfore you k now it! Remember to pray and stay in church!!!!!!!
brittany bear

Sister Collins on one of her flights to New Zealand with Elder Gagon and Sister Anderson 

Sister Collins with her District in the MTC

Sister Collins at the Hamilton, New Zealand temple

Sister Collins with her companion in the MTC Sister Gonzalez

This was inside Sister Collins room at the MTC, she had 3 roommates

Sister Collins with Sister Hiatt from Washington. Clay and I decided she was a clone of Lindsey Lohan from parent trap days! 

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