Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hello again! :)
This week was really really slow when it came to teaching actual lessons, we mostly met a lot of new people and met referrals from ward members. 

So this week we had District Meeting in Thaihape, which is about an hour and a half drive away from where we are. After district meeting we stayed up there all day and did service with all the missionaries in our district which was so much fun! Mostly because there were 3 groups of sisters to hang out with. :)

So twice a week we drive to a town called Marton and meet with the ward members that live there (they're all Samoan) but ALL of the members there don't come to church because the chapel is too far away from them. They take up about half of our ward so without them there our ward is really small. So we try our best every week to encourage the Samoans to come to church and they always have an excuse to not come, so we're trying really hard to work with them.

If you can remember, about a week or so ago I told you about Maeghan, she's an investigator that the Elders found that works at subway about 4 months ago. She's really good friends with the missionaries and we try not to pressure her into taking the lessons but we try really hard to see her as much as we can and to be her friend. And last week she texted me and Sister Shaw and asked us to start teaching her! Our first lesson was so awesome and when I testified of Christ Maeghan and I started crying so hard, she felt the spirit so strong. Well, we were going to see her this week to continue doing the lessons when the Elders showed up to our flat on Saturday...the Elders told us that they felt really impressed that they should be the ones to teach Maeghan since they were the ones to find her and they said they felt they had a special connection with her...well we talked about it for an hour and a half and finally came to the conclusion that it would be best for Maeghan to be taught by the Elders. I honestly felt like I had just been dumped or something, I love Maeghan so much and I'm so sad that we aren't teaching her anymore. And then to make things worse, me and Sister Shaw were biking past Subway last night and we saw the Elders hanging out with Maeghan in there and I felt like I had caught her cheating on me or something haha, it was a really weird feeling but I know it's for the best that Maeghan is taught by the Elders.

Me and Sister Shaw were really sad about the Maeghan situation, but about 5 minutes after the Elders left our flat, we got a text from Kyeligh to come over to her house. Kyliegh is the ward member who was Less Active her whole life and then when she finally decided to come back to church she found out her records were missing. We went to her house and she told us that she wants to be re baptized! Me and Sister Shaw were SO excited because we LOVE Kyleigh and now we get to teach her all the lessons and help get her ready for baptism! We definitely needed something like this to happen to help us feel better about not teaching Maeghan anymore. 

Anyway other than that, not much happened this week. Kiwis are very laid back and especially since its summer time here, no one is ever around or ever wants us to come around.
 I gave a talk in sacrament yesterday and right after I gave my talk our Bishop asked me and all the other missionaries in our ward to sing next week in sacrament. 

Thanks for all the letters and Christmas cards that you all sent me! I also love getting emails from you and I'm sorry if i don't ever get time to email back, but know that I read them and I love you all so much! Have a good week! :)

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