Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

Hey family! Sorry about yesterday!  It was Wellington's Anniversary or something and everything was closed! There are a lot of Holidays on Mondays here so if I don't email you, just know that I will email you the next day! 

So right now I am in Palmerston on exchanges, and I'm with a set of sisters that are usually in a 3 some so there are 3 of us right now! And one of them is Sister Anderson from the airport, so that''s pretty cool! I'm here until Thursday so we'll see how this goes!

So we have an investigator that owns the mini gold course in Fielding and she let us go there for free yesterday, which was actually super awesome also because it's probably the funnest thing to do in Fielding. 

This week was really slow so there really isn't much to say, i'm really sorry! I'm also a little dazed right now because of my exchange and we're doing a lot today, we have a haungi tonight (i'm not sure how to spell it) but it's a huge Maori BBQ that they do by cooking food deep in the ground and I'm super excited for it.

Sorry about the lame email, it'll be better next week, I'm just super overwhelmed at the moment! See ya guys next week! :)
Love, Brittany

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