Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hello Whanau :) (family)
Wow this week went by crazy fast, I felt like I was just e-mailing you guys yesterday! 
This week was pretty good, it started with us meeting with Latisha. (she's white but with a black girl name) She's really cool and super interested in the gospel, but we met with her again on Tuesday this week and she was super super out of it (most likely really high) anyway it was like we were talking to a wall for an hour. But we met with her again a couple days later and taught her for real, and I asked her to be baptised and she said yes :) I was sooo happy, but she has allot of work to do before she can be baptised. So we're working with her allot.

Then we had Maeghan. The Elders met Maeghan at Subway where she works. They met up with her allot and became really good friends with her and so we decided to do the same. We would go to Subway a few times a week just so we could see her (we wouldn't always buy food) but we became really good friends with her. She surprised us this week by texting us and asked if we could meet at the chapel this Friday to start the discussions! So we met her at the chapel and the lesson went so good! She had so many questions and she talked about how badly she wanted to have a family like the families she sees go to our church because we look so happy. She then decided that she wants to be married in the Salt Lake Temple which was awesome haha. She said she wants to meet with us again very soon and we're really excited to meet with her more!

Kyleigh.....Oh Kyliegh, she was a member her whole life but then her records were lost and now she's really bitter about the church. We meet with her once a week just to catch up with her and try to help her in anyway that we can. She's really angry at the church for loosing her records and she refuses to be re baptised. We met with her this week and told her that she would only find peace in her life by turning to God and asking him for it and by living his commandments. And guess what happened? She met with the bishop this week and now she's planning on being re baptised. We're really happy about that! :)

Anyway we had New Years but nothing really happened, we had to be back in our flats by 7 and me and Sister Shaw just watched 17 Miracles and did a countdown to 10:30 which is our bedtime. 

Other than that, things are going pretty good! I passed my one month mark yesterday and me and Sister Shaw celebrated by having ice cream. We're having allot of fun and things are getting much better now that Holidays are over and now that people are done going on vacations. Have a great week!! :)
Sister Collins 

Sister Collins and Sister Shaw celebrating her one month mark!

Feilding is Sister Collins first area that she is serving in. 

Sister Collins is really enjoying the food in New Zealand!

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