Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 31, 2015

Hello family! :)

The weather this week has been CRAZY! It's raining all the time, and when it rains here it rains really, really hard. The rain usually wakes us up in the middle of the night about 3 times because it gets so loud and crazy. It's been really fun though. :)

This week we've been getting Kyliegh ready for her baptism which is on Saturday! She's really excited that she can FINALLY get baptized! She's letting us plan everything though because she says she doesn't care what happens, so we've been getting her baptism all planned out and getting people to prepare talks for it. 

We've also been working on Mekyla a lot this week, she hasn't come to church is 2 weeks and her baptism is in 3 weeks. She's still reading an praying everyday but  she needs to come to church! We taught her Word of Wisdom on Friday with a convert member there with us, and the lesson went really well, she agreed to give up drinking alcohol! 

We also met a new investigator while cleaning out our area book, he name is Regina and shes from the Philippians.  At our first visit with her she started crying and telling us everything about her life. She's had a really hard life and she really needs the gospel, so we're hoping to work with her a lot and we're going to try and help her. 

We're also working with the Wiriungi kids still, they want to come to church! But they have netball practice all day Sunday, so we're trying to work with that.

Other than that, that's my week! I probably won't be able to email next Monday because it's Easter Monday and all the shops will be closed. But I will get on next Tuesday!

I love you all!
 Watch Because He Lives!!! :)


 Beautiful New Zealand

 Bart Simpson visited Fielding!

 With all the rain, it's hard to stay dry

There's a rule that you cannot bring over baked items to the sister, so the Elders brought over this non-baked treat for Sister Collins and Sister Albiston!  

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