Monday, May 4, 2015

April 6, 2015

Hello again! J
This week was pretty good! We didn’t get to watch conference though, but we get to watch it in church this weekend! I got to watch the Womans Broadcast on Saturday in Palmy though, which was amazing of course. J

So this week we had Zone Conference in Palmy, it was really  good and lots of fun, but sadly, the Elders in our area got their car taken away from President, and now we have to share a car with them again….dang it. Oh well.

We were on exchanges this week, I was in Feilding with Sister Anderson again. We had a really long talk with Mekyla  about her baptism coming up in a couple weeks because she hasn’t come to church in a while. We told her that we were going to have to push her date back a couple weeks, and she was actually really, really sad about it. She told us how much she loves Joseph Smith and Thomas S. Monson, she could almost quote the first vision too! She’s progressed so much, we’re really sad about having to move her date back, but we feel it is best for her.

Kyleigh got baptised on Saturday!!! It was so amazing, she was so happy the whole time! Lots of people from the ward came to support her. It was so great, Kyleigh has waited a long time for this to happen, so I’m so happy to have been able to be here for it!

We also found Latisha!! I don’t know if any of you remember her she’s a 21 year old girl we found door knocking back in December, she had a baptism date and everything. She started to move around Feilding allot though and it was hard to catch her, then she was in the hospital for a month because of her heart. Anyway, we found her on Friday! And last night we had a lesson with her and we set a new baptism date with her!

Easter was like an ordinary day here, not much happened. Yesterday we couldn’t do anything for Pday because everything was closed. So we went over to the Elders and played Uno and Phase 10 on their front porch for 5 hours haha.

That was basically my week! I hope you all had a good Easter and enjoyed Conference!! J

The best pancakes with Ice Cream on top!

Kyleigh's baptism day

Zone conference

Elder Loveless and Elder Lee

The liquor Store we live across the street from!

Peachies! The best soda ever!

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